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The new August 2010 issue of Fotokvartals, the Latvian photography magazine, is out.

New coin released by the Bank of Latvia in the piece-of-art series of collector coins

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'The work is dedicated to all those poor monkeys who have become martyrs of modern science - they have survived countless vaccines, have been subjected to cruel medical experiments.' painter Sergejs Djomins Read more

Klasiskās mākslas galerijas "Antonija" rīkotajā mākslas darbu izsolē "Saules kumeļš" sasniegts Latvijas rekords Niklāva Strunkes apgleznoto porcelāna trauku izsolīšanā.
A new national record (LVL 26000 for 8 painted dishes) set during an auction sale of porcelain kitchenware at Antonija, a Latvian gallery of classical art http

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