New Collector Coin of the Latvian Lat - the Independence Declaration Coin

Made of gold, silver or other precious metals of an especially fine grade, collector coins of the Bank of Latvia - a perfect and precious gift for a family member on an important event, or a beautiful souvenir from Latvia - are in fact miniature works of art featuring highlights in the nation’s life. Read more
The latest of these is the Independence Declaration silver coin (click on the picture to enlarge it), depicting a branch with three buds and the figure of the Mother of Latvia carrying a millstone on her back
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Latvian Product: the APEQSound Equalizer

APEQ-2 Pro Sound EqualizerSet to Conquer the World
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Raimonds Skuruls describes his invention, the completion and perfection of which has taken 28 years for him, as 'an invention which ensures that all tones of a sound are always reproduced; besides, adjustments to the sound and any required corrections are done automatically.’ According to Mr Skuruls, as compared to other technologies, this device is quite different in that it allows assessing and correcting the quality of sound outside a lab. It also reproduces all tones of a sound. Yet another advantage – formerly the correction of a played sound required a long time, now the sound equalizer invented by Mr Skuruls makes sound corrections very quickly. For example, if some sound equipment playing a guitar record were placed next to a guitarist playing live and the listener  switched from live sound to the record now and again, using the sound correction technology of the Real Sound Lab Company would make it nearly impossible to tell one from the other.

Experts say that currently the invention of Mr Skuruls ensures the clearest sound reproduction in the world. There are no inventions matching this one. An advantage of this technology, as compared to other similar equipment, is that it may be used in any loudspeaker, including headphones, mobile phones, TV sets, as well as for television, on the wireless, in open-air events and for other applications. Mi Casa Multimedia Inc., a Hollywood sound recording company, has already used the sound equalisers made in Latvia to record soundtracks for the movies the Lord of the Rings and the Golden Compass. Yet another example of use of the equipment – the sound appliances manufactured by Real Sound Lab were used at the opening of the Vienna open-air concert season in May 2009.

The sound equalizers and the licences for their production are already available for sale in Germany, USA, China, Russia and other countries. Branch companies have been established in the USA and Japan for promotion purposes. Real Sound Lab also designs technological solutions, including software, for companies with a specific business profile.

Mr Skuruls is a well-known sound engineer who was the first to use the new sound technology in Latvia to stage the Lāčplēsis rock opera twenty years ago. He stresses that he is a deep-minded practitioner. ‘This product may be installed in any equipment that produces sound,’ he says.

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Update 2009:
Real SoundLab to cooperate with Hitachi, CONEQ™Technology to be used in consumer electronics

Update 2010:

The sound processing technology invented by Real SoundLab to be used in all Panasonic TV sets sold on the European market of consumer products. The contract is the third of its kind, following in the wake of similar agreements made with Hitachi and Kenwood earlier. Negotiations on several future contracts are on the way, one of which is to be signed already in April 2010.