The Garden of Latvian Photographers

by G. Janaitis
/link to the original Latvian-language publication,saite uz publikāciju/
A translation of an article, re-published for illustrative and educational purposes, without prejudice to copyright.

Millions and millions of amorphous surrogate pictures have been produced – screaming physiognomies, nudes in all sorts of environments and postures, burning piano keys, Buddhas, angel-like creatures, artificial flowers, the Coliseum, matryoshka dolls, sweetish drawings in vector graphics, wine glasses, silhouettes, ballerinas, skulls, painting frames, masks, easels, birds, icons, pointed pencils, backdrops and microphones, Madonna and Jesus, all shapes of hearts, a drummer; black, blue, green, pink ink stains; the Marilyn Monroe of Tanzania, saxophonists, reproductions of 'paintings' – parts of the human body – heads, arms, eyes, feet, the Tibetan mandala; smiling, crying, provoking, seductive, jumping, lazy, golden-lipped models; Barack Obama this way and that way, sexy old Christmas ladies; sleeping, crying, smiling children; Britney Spears, monkeys, Mahatma Gandhi, dressed-up dogs, cats, Prince Charles and Chaplin, heads without the brain (which may be quite in demand). A landfill of world's visual rubbish. (...)

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